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From small-batch locally made gins to luscious dark exotic rums, clean, crisp vodkas, and everything in between, we have an extensive and exciting range of spirits waiting to be explored from all around the globe. Don’t forget that there’s no minimum purchase with us, so you always get the best price, even if you buy just one bottle.

- Featured Spirits -

Midori Melon (70cl, 20%)

Midori is made with muskmelon, a type of Cantaloupe. Midori has a sweet, fruity flavour with a hint of mint. Midori is often used in cocktails, but Midori can also be used as a dessert topping or filling.originated in Japan. The word "Midori" means "green" in Japanese language.

Crystal Head Vodka - Pride Edition

This vibrant limited edition bottle from the fabulous Crystal Head was crafted to celebrate Pride. Within the skull-shaped bottle you'll find an excellent quality vodka, distilled four times using Canadian corn and filtered. taste: Vanilla and soft spices. A little rye and wheat.

Jose cuervo Margarita Mix 1L

If you're not sure how to mix margarita one up, let Jose Cuervo come to the rescue with its Classic Margarita Mix. Take one part Tequila, three parts Classic Margarita Mix, stir with some crushed ice job done! taste: Limey goodness – just waiting to be mixed with Tequila!

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva (70cl, 40%)

An elegant, complex sipping rum carefully crafted by our Master Blenders from the purest of sugar cane honey, aged in oak casks for up to twelve years.

What Makes Us Different

We Scour the Globe searching for only the best whiskey and Spirits, We stock everything from boutique locally made Gin’s to authentically made Tequila ensuring you get only the best quality.

With unique Gift sets and rare vintages you can be sure to get that wow factor from your gift.

As a family run buisness we pride ourselves on high quality products and a great customer experience.


What Our Clients say

“I call it a drinks heaven. Anything you fancy from tequila/ mezcal to Rum & rare whisky. Unusual bottles . Cocktails kits to all flavour syrups , you name it , this tiny place have it . I loved it and will visit again in my return to Brighton.”
Bernard Holden
“This shop's fantastic to get great quality drinks from. Great selection of spirits, and the prices are really good! I pretty much exclusively get my mead and whisky from here now. The owner is lovely, very knowledgeable, and always helpful with my choices! It's definitely one of the best spirits shop in Brighton.”
Jimmy Guest
“I went to buy a present. There was a gentleman who helped me find a perfect one ! Coming back to France and see how much my friend is happy with my choice, I just wanted to say thank you so much. And what a perfect selections of everything from everywhere too!”
Sima Lahimi